Feb 25, 2014 | | Little Elm, TX
Client’s rating: 5 of 5

Ms. Robin and RNM have been great for my daughter. The environment there is warm, loving and nurturing. She is creative with her approach to learning and as one person has already said, meets the child at his/her level and builds from there. Most importantly she has a talent for dealing with “high spirited” children and my little one has advanced and thrived in so many areas since becoming a student there. I can’t think of a better school in the local area.

Our Values

  • Emphasis on Cognitive and Social Development.
  • Children are encouraged to teach, collaborate, and help each other.
  • Child sets their own learning pace.
  • Multi-material for physical exploration development.
  • Child spots own errors through feedback from material.
  • Mixed age grouping.