Curriculum Overview

Little Elm Montessori School

At our Little Elm Montessori school, we provide a comprehensive education so that your child is well-rounded from a young age. By expanding their understanding of the world around them, we not only educate them but we open up their mind and provide them with countless opportunities. Robin’s Nest Montessori School is a warm and nurturing environment where you child will be taught basic life skills and encouraged to become a unique individual.

Learning Skills for the Future

A general overview of our curriculum includes the following:

  • Practical Life: Practical Life activities are daily tasks that a child needs to learn to master the care of self and care of the environment. Practical Life includes pouring, sweeping, table setting, as well as grace and courtesy. Practical Life activities help promote concentration, coordination, independence, and order.
  • Mathematics: Children are given the opportunity to explore concrete materials in order to form an understanding of abstract concepts. This exploration is the foundation which leads to an understanding of sequential order, symmetry and precision. The child is introduced to the quantity first and then begin to associate the symbol. The Montessori materials allow the child to practice math operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The child begins to internalize the concept with repetition which leads to memorization.
  • Science: Children are constantly absorbing the real world that surrounds them. The Science materials present certain aspects of this world, in such a way that the child can observe, experiment, demonstrate, and record what they learn. Science is hands-on activities that include Biology, Botany, Zoology, and Physical Science.
  • Cultural: Students study different areas of the world. They experience the area’s language, literature, dress, food, art, and music both past and present. Cultural studies are an increasingly important to introduce to children due to our countries growing diversity of people.
  • Sensorial: The goal of the Montessori Sensorial works are to educate the child’s senses. This area of study provides materials that help the child refine his/her senses. Also, the materials are modeled on scientifically based concepts, such as the metric system, dimensions, and algebraic formulas. The Sensorial area of study is the child’s first step towards understanding abstract concepts.
  • Language: The Montessori Language area of study is an integrated approach that combines phonetics and whole language. First, the child is introduced to letters and sounds. Then the child links these sounds together to spell and read words. Once the child gains confidence with his/her language skills the child can use it to enhance other areas of study.

We offer Extended Day, School Day and Half Day programs, which are all available two, three and five days a week. We also have a Pre-Primary Class for ages three to four and a Primary Class for ages four to six. Depending on your child’s age, the curriculum will vary. We always encourage that you be as involved as possible in their educational process.

To enroll your child in a school where they can grow, contact us today at (972) 987-4290.

Our Values

  • Emphasis on Cognitive and Social Development.
  • Children are encouraged to teach, collaborate, and help each other.
  • Child sets their own learning pace.
  • Multi-material for physical exploration development.
  • Child spots own errors through feedback from material.
  • Mixed age grouping.